Lets have a chat about the weather or whatever..

Hi Im Cass, how are you? NZ..23. On a quest to find a talent. This blog that displays all the things that the unimportant people of Facebook dont know about me.. AndIf we are already friends on Facebook then I guess you get to be in both groups.. unimpotantly important? sounds bad.. its not though, mainly because im not sure unimportantly is a word so Im not sure of its connotation but I digress. Love 4: Rizzles, Xena, USWNT, fanfiction and watching and absorbing as much tv as possible to form emotional attachments with fictional characters and kill my friend/friends with random references. Still reading? Well thats it.. Unless you want to know a fun fact about tobacco smoke and its uses in medicine in the past? Oh you do? Well I read that In the past tobacco smoke enemas were used to treat people who had recently suffered a near drowning.. Crazy right? Thats all I got..Might see you around?